Asus CineVibe Headphones Feature Rumble Feedback

Evan Selleck - Aug 2, 2010
Asus CineVibe Headphones Feature Rumble Feedback

Not only do you want to get the full experience visually, but the same goes for audio, too. Especially when you’re playing a video game. If you’re just going the mediocre route, then your experience just won’t be the best it can be. That’s why when a gamer looks at headphones, they have to be sure they’re getting the best of the best. Especially for the money they can potentially drop on the pieces of hardware. Asus has a new pair available, called the CineVibe, and just as you might imagine, that “vibe” part is more than just a cool name.

While hearing your opponents is great, and getting that full effect like you’re really there makes it worth it, the CineVibe feature one more thing: rumble feedback. That’s right, there are rumble feedback vibrators inside each earpiece, and they’re designed to rumble, or vibrate, at certain parts of a game. It’s also tied to an enhanced bass system, so that when a grenade goes off right next to you, you’ll know.

The CineVibe comes in white or black, and feature a Styrofoam high-density headband, along with anti-biotic leather cushions around the ear, making them easy to “breathe” over long periods of time. They also have 30mm sound drivers, making sure that the sound quality is good enough. It supports plug-and-play, has an in-line remote, and a microphone. And thanks to the USB cable, you can plug it in and use it on the fly.

[via ItTechNews]

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