ASUS and Lamborghini Present Backpack, Laptop Cases, Mouse, and HDD

Remember back when that wireless Asus/Lamborghini mouse passed through the FCC? Well check it out. Reality time. Joining their 12.1-inch laptop and ZX1 smartphone are a range of accessories including a Lamborghini a backpack, a laptop case, a laptop cover, a mouse (the one you saw go through the FCC), and a HDD.

These accessories are made not just for your already branded Lamborghini wares, but for the rest of your electronics as well. There are reportedly four different models of bags coming out including the handy sleeve (cover), sports bag for 12-inch notebooks, classic bag for notebooks up to 17-inches, and a large backpack with multiple compartments – all of these made in fabulous Sant'Agata Bolognese.

Then there's the really sharp, super suave looking Lamborghini WX-wireless mouse with laser precision. It's got a range of 10-meters (why on earth would you be that far away?) and has a scroll wheel that looks and feels like a tire. Cute! Finally, a set of external harddrives (not pictured) that'll be in one size: 640GB and will be available in black or white, both with a fine gloss scratch-resistant coating. Sassy!

[Via Notebook Italia]