Asus and Acer Ultrabooks will cost over $1000

If you liked the idea of the Intel Ultrabook platform with its good performance and very thin and ultraportable form factor at price of under $1000 I am sure you weren't alone. The idea of a notebook with these features was very intriguing. We had heard that Intel was subsidizing the machines heavily and they would be on the market soon at that magic under $1000 price point. Apparently, the price isn't going to be delivered in the sub-$1000 range we had hoped for.

Notebookitalia reports that the Acer Ultrabook will launch in Q4 2011 and that the price will be over $1000. It seems that this is a change on Acers part to producing higher quality items at a higher price. The machine is said to boot in 6-seconds and be networked in a bit more than 2.5 seconds. Intel's guidelines for the ultrabook wanted the rigs to be under $1000.

Asus is also not targeting a price of over $1000 for the UX31 and UX21 Ultrabooks as well. According to one source at Asus, the only way for the company to get the price under $1000 was to use the Core i3 processor and that Ultrabooks with the Core i5 and i7 will cost much more than $1000. Apparently, the machines running the Core i5 and i7 along with SSDs will cost between $1000 and $2000 when they land. There is no mention of the HP Ultrabook that is expected to launch before the Asus and Acer machines.