ASUS AiGuru SV1 standalone Skype videophone

Skype have begun selling ASUS' standalone webcam-equipped VoIP phone, the AiGuru SV1.  Intended for those who don't want to deal with a full laptop for their video conferencing, the SV1 has an integrated 800 x 480 7-inch display, microphone, webcam and speakerphone; it uses either WiFi or a wired ethernet connection, and has a rechargeable battery.

The whole thing measures just 253 x 202 x 123mm, and is seemingly designed to be usable by even the most novice Skypers.  Connections are limited to just a pair of 3.5mm jacks for headphones and a microphone, together with a USB port for service updates, and you can create a Skype account directly from the SV1.

The webcam itself maxes out at 640 x 480 VGA resolution.  To be honest, if you don't need the simplicity of the AiGuru then you'd probably be better served with a cheap netbook like a 7-inch ASUS Eee, but less adept users may find the SV1 to their tastes.  It's available now, priced at $299.95.

[via Krunker]