Astronauts trap GoPro in floating water orb on ISS

This week NASA posted a video on its YouTube page of astronauts playing with a GoPro and an orb of water they had floating around. Like magic, they trapped the action camera in the sphere of water while it was recording, showing what the world looks like from inside of a water bubble, as well as what a GoPro looks like when encased and floating. As you'd expect, this took place on the International Space Station, and was part of a look at water surface tension as experienced in a microgravity environment.

The experiment, if it can properly be called that, was done by European Space Agency astronaut Alexander Gerst and NASA's own Steve Swanson and Reid Wiseman. Though the video is new, the activity actually took place during Expedition 40 some time this past summer, and turned out to be a fun moment captured on film.

This isn't the only video we've seen showing how water acts aboard the ISS. Last April, beloved Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield did a small experiment where he demonstrated what it looks like wringing a wet washcloth. It took a lot more effort than getting a GoPro in the water, but the effect was largely the same, and no less interesting.

In addition to the cool videos are some astounding photographs taken by aforementioned astronaut Reid Wiseman, who has posted many images on his Twitter account. This past summer we saw pictures of both space and Earth as seen from space, a sunrise, and more.