Aston Martin's new turbo V6 sounds like a glorious beast

There's much more to a hypercar than style alone. The car has to look good, but it also has to have lots of power and sound good as well. We got to see the Aston Martin Valhalla hypercar several times, including its track debut last year. Aston Martin is now showing off the turbocharged V-6 engine that will be the heart of the car and letting us hear what the beast sounds like.The engine displaces 3.0-liters, and Aston says it will debut in the Valhalla, but will eventually turn up in other Aston vehicles as well. Aston says that the engine uses a "Hot V" configuration that allows high-performance electrification and emissions compliance. The engine will be part of a hybrid/plug-in hybrid powertrain that will slide into the Aston Martin range.

The engine is codenamed TM01, and Aston has tested the engine extensively on the dyno. The video below shows the engine and testing on the dyno and gives us a quick earful of what the beast will sound like. The Hot V configuration of the engine combines high engine speeds with the benefits electrification to offer the performance characteristics of a mid-engine sports car on an extreme level when placed inside the Valhalla.

The engine will feature a dry-sump system to guarantee the lowest possible center of gravity and deliver the lubrication performance needed. While being a high-performance engine, the 3.0-liter V-6 engine is designed to meet all future emission standards for Euro 7.

Aston Martin President and group CEO Andy Palmer says that investing in your own powertrains "is a tall order." However, Palmer says that his team has "risen to the challenge." The CEO also says that moving forward the engine will be integral "to a lot of what we do."