Assassin's Creed Valhalla so-called "gameplay" trailer leads Xbox Series X charge

This morning Microsoft released a BUNCH of trailers for games for Xbox Series X, one of the most engaging of which was Assassin's Creed Valhalla. This game will be one of the premiere must-see games of the platform right out the gate, taking full advantage of Ray Tracing and immersive gameplay graphics from top to bottom. Also, it'll have axes. Lots of axes.

The unfortunate part about any Ubisoft trailer is the lack of actual gameplay when we're this far out ahead of the game's actual launch. Generally we'd like to see as much gameplay as possible, but when it comes to Ubisoft, a massive game-making company, not many chances are taken that a potential customer would see something that doesn't look absolutely spectacular.

As such, we get what we get. This is going to look amazing, because that's what makes the most sense for Ubisoft and the folks at Microsoft at the moment. It needs to look fantastic, so that's what we'll see. Cross your fingers what we see here will be as amazing as what we get when the game's actually released.

Below you'll see another Assassin's Creed video from a user by the name of Nick930. This was released a while ago, actually – and it covers Assassin's Creed history from 2007 all the way to 2018. This should give some indication of what's been possible for the casual viewer – and some idea of how similar each new game's been to the last.

Take a peek at the rest of the game trailers for Xbox Series X that've been released thus far in the timeline below, as well. This is just the beginning! We're hoping a lot more NEW games will be shown before the time comes for review, mind you. For now, we're mostly seeing titles we knew were on their way regardless.