Assassin's Creed Chronicles is not a AAA release

Don't panic yet – Assassin's Creed Chronicles is not a replacement for the top-tier release of the series that's been happening for several years on end. Instead, Assassin's Creed Chronicles, all three parts of it, is an extension of the craft. Much like the game's separate release schedule for PlayStation 3 with Assassin's Creed Rogue, this game will be released separate from the main series. This game trilogy is a 2.5D game – that's two-and-a-half dimensional – as opposed to the 3D we see in the AAA releases for the series.

In the teaser/release trailer you're seeing below, you'll witness the gameplay in a sort of stylized vision of what'll be delivered onscreen. To be clear – this is not a mobile game, it's a game made for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC.

According to Ubisoft, this is "Assassin's creed reimagined." They go on to suggest that "Whether you are a long-time fan of Assassin's Creed, or a newcomer, Assassin's Creed Chronicles lets you discover what has made the franchise one of the most celebrated in video game history in a fresh genre for the series."

While each of the three Chronicles chapters is able to stand on its own, the three are tied together narratively.

Above you'll see a number of Assassin's Creed Chronicles screenshots. You'll see here how fighting style, stealth, and gameplay are set an a number of axis – you're not just following your hero from a birds-eye-view anymore.

Also note – one of the three heroes is a woman. A woman! In Assassin's Creed!

Can you believe it?