Assassin's Creed children's books tap Little Miss and Mister Men

There's a book series in the making that teams a pair of unlikely partners. Ubisoft and Hatchette Heroes have paired up with Adam Hargreaves to extend the original Mister Men and Little Miss series with characters from the Assassin's Creed universe. This very adult-oriented video game will be converted to a format that's appropriate for all ages in a series of six short stories.

This book series will include characters like Mister Exio, Little Miss Eivor, and Little Miss Kassandra. Each of these characters will "try to complete their own missions" in the first three (of six) books in the series. These characters will take on the appearance of the original Roger Hargreaves characters.

OF NOTE: Adam Hargreaves is the son of Roger Hargreaves. Roger Hargreaves began illustrating books in his signature style with the book Mr. Tickle after his son, Adam, asked "What does a tickle look like?" The Mr. Tickle book was first published in the year 1971 by Roger when Adam was 8 years old. Adam now continues Roger's legacy with more books in the original Mister Men and Little Miss illustration style.

This is not the first time that adult-oriented video game titles have dipped their toes in the world of children's literature. Blizzard Entertainment writer (and game designer, artist, voice actor, etc), creates books like "Snow Fight: A Warcraft Tale" for children 5-8 years. Some of the most obviously adult-oriented IP in the world has been converted to children's book format, too – like "Alien Next Door" by Joey Spiotto, all about the Alien and his friend Jonesy the cat.

Do you know of any other books like these, made for children with characters that are most certainly otherwise inappropriate for child-sized humans? Let us know! Otherwise, we'll be waiting for this Assassin's Creed set, the first three of which should be released later this year.