Aspark Owl spied on video and it's FAST

We talked about the Aspark Owl electric hypercar when a concept form of the vehicle debuted last year. The car promised incredible performance and many wondered if the company would be able to deliver on its claims. A new video has turned up of the car making a run from naught to speed insanely quickly.

The video shows some Japanese gents closing the door and then standing back. Without warning the car positively vaults off the line and is across the parking lot behind some buildings and nearly into the weeds in seconds.

The builder claims that the 0-60mph time for the Owl is 1.92 seconds. Watching the video that claim seems to be legitimate. The video is at the bottom of this post and if you only want to see the insane acceleration, skip to about 1:06 in the video.

The car isn't dead silent as you might expect an EV to be. It has a lot of gear and grating noise and it sounds as if there is a gear change in there somewhere. The car probably won't have this sort of acceleration on the street.

The prototype was fitted with slicks. That said, sometimes slicks can offer less traction than normal tires until they are heated up. There is no evidence that this car had any heat in the tires. The Aspark Owl is aiming at a price of about $4.4 million and only 50 will be made.

SOURCE: Motor Authority