Asimo's cockiness gets the better of him

Consider this a SlashGear public service announcement if you will.  Robots, no matter how adept they consider themselves, should always look where they're going when climbing stairs.  Witness this embarrassing fall by Honda's lauded Asimo, which ironically happened while he was boasting about the in-feet sensors that allow him to balance.Thankfully the Honda nurses were quick with the screens, as the crumpled humanoid lay twitching gently on the floor still chunnering about his ability to strut with the best of them.  Perhaps it's time for Asimo to check into rehab?  We can only assume that he's on so many drugs that he doesn't even realise he's fallen.  Rumours that as the stricken robot was stretchered back to the workshop he was heard deliriously muttering "I'm still a star!" are so far unconfirmed.Asimo: 'Help me, I've fallen and I can't get up!' [Pink Tentacle]