Ash has a new Pokemon and Twitter's flipping out

The current running Pokemon TV show, Pokemon Sun & Moon, Ash seems to have caught a new Pokemon. This Pokemon is purple and pink, and this Pokemon is extremely adorable. You are going to need to learn how to cope with this Pokemon as soon as possible, because it's about to take over your super kawaii user feeds, social networks, and etcetera – SOON.

This Pokemon appeared before this most recent episode of the Pokemon anime, but it wasn't particularly cutely depicted. The anime fixed all that. Now it's clear that Poipole is the totes adorbs this world needs to momentarily forget about how absolutely awful things are in the everyday average news, muddy though it is.

Poipole has a codename, as all Pokemon Ultra Beasts do. Each monster has an either UB or UB-0x numbered code-name, followed by a word. Poipole's codename is UB Adhesive. The first time this monster appeared in the anime, the episode (SM055) was called "The Professors' New Adventure!" The most recent time – and the most important time – that this Pokemon appeared in the anime was in episode SM067.

The episode has Ash and his classmates meet Poipole, a Pokemon that's been following the group for some time. Team Rocket attacks, as it does every gosh-danged episode, like they're Shredder in the TMNT 90's cartoon, and Ash responds. Ash lays the smack down on Team Rocket and saves Poipole in the process.

After their Team Rocket encounter, Poipole basically falls in love with Ash. Ash catches Poipole in order to take care of the Pokemon until it can find what it's looking for: an Ultra Wormhole. Through the Ultra Wormhole, Poipole can return to its home – ULTRA SPACE!

Before Poipole returns to Ultra Space, he's all about playing with Pikachu, nuzzling Pikachu, and basically being Pikachu's best friend in general. To make certain all know of Poipole's ultra-cuteness, the Pokemon tends to spin on its head when it's happy.

Poipole's cuteness is largely centered on its re-learning of all the most basic Pokemon world elements. Learning about PokeFood, for example – we know PokeFood exists, but Poipole's just learning about it for the first time. It's cute because it's innocent, it's cute because it's just a baby.

Behold the cuteness, and cross your fingers they'll release Poipole in Pokemon GO soon. At the rate Niantic is going right now, they'll have released Poipole within the next couple years, easy.