Artisan Subwoofer gets confusingly technical

Nobody would say no to a bit of butt-shaking bass, not unless their butt was made of some sort of precariously-balanced sand, anyway, and posh speaker specialist Artisan have seen fit to cash in on that demand with the new RCC 600 subwoofer.  Designed by Cary Christie, the slimline marvel boasts of being the world's first (and, indeed, only) reactance-cancelling, in-wall subwoofer. 

Now we all know what in-wall means, because we're not stupid soup people with brains made of soup, but reactance-cancelling?  Explanations are a little thin on the ground, with Artisan preferring to wax lyrical on the speaker's "deep bass, high quality and performance ... coupled with visual appeal".  I guess that means reactance-cancelling is just a Good Thing, eh?

Yours for $2000 or thereabouts, the RCC 600 is perfectly suited to new-builds or renovations.  You could even buy two, one for each cheek.

Artisan [via Gizmag]