Armani Exchange 3D Eyewear Revealed

Adding to the ever-increasing collection of big-name brands and fashion lines delivering 3D eyewear to the market, Armani has today announced their first ever 3D eyewear to be released by A|X Armani Exchange. The aesthetic for these glasses is described as a fusion of 80's retro with a modern yet classic navigator shape. These glasses work with "the most popular 3D format found in movie theaters" which we're just going to assume means RealD. These glasses also have an array of features which makes them seem like a pretty good candidate for everyday use as well as for chilling in the theater watching Tron Legacy, Freddy's Dead, or Pig Robots from Planet 9.

Armani A|X 3D eyewear features a high tech multilayered mirrored lens coating that will both minimize distortion when looking in a mirror and works to enhance contrast and superior viewing through your entire day. On the back of the glasses, another layer had been added that again reduces glare, scattered light, and blue light so the quality of your viewing experience in the theater will be second to none. Your experience viewing films will be further improved by the optically correct 6-base curved lenses of the glasses, with circular polarized tech that allows 98% of all visible light through – this providing an "edge-to-edge distortion free viewing" whenever you're watching your favorite new 3D blockbuster.

These Armani Exchange 3D glasses (model 3DV 001 AX) are produced under a license distributed by Safilo Group and feature an "AX 3D" logo in the upper left lens with "Armani Exchange 3D" on the left temple. THEY SAY these are not meant for anything other than movie theater use, but you know good and well that's not the only place you'll end up breaking them out.

These glasses cost $58.00, are available at and at A|X Armani Exchange. Just down the block, right? Check out the full press release below:

Armani Group Announces the First 3D Eyewear by A|X Armani Exchange

MILAN, Feb. 3, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — A|X Armani Exchange, first in the fashion industry to use 3D images in its current Fall advertising campaign has launched A|X 3D eyewear that provides users, including celebrity supporters Joe Jonas, Kat Graham,Emmanuelle Chriqui, Grey Damon, Nico Tortorella and Sara Paxton, a stylish viewing experience for the most popular 3-D format found in movie theatres.

Always on the cutting edge of technology and style, Armani Exchange continues to create innovative products and programs that directly target the A|X Generation. Armani Exchange is offering a fashion forward unisex navigator style with a crystal gray plastic front and sleek shiny black metal temples. The perfect fusion of 80's retro design and modern appeal with an updated classic navigator design, the Armani Exchange 3D glasses meet the highest standards required for 3D movie theater viewing.

In addition to providing a provocative street chic look indicative of the brand, the glasses also feature a special high tech multi-layered mirrored lens coating which minimizes distortion when looking in a mirror and additionally offers superior viewing and contrast enhancement. An additional coating has been added to the back of the lens to reduce glare, scattered light as well as blue light for enhanced image quality. The optically correct 6-base curved lenses with circular polarized technology will allow 98+ percent of visible light through which will provide edge-to-edge distortion-free viewing in a movie theatre environment.

Produced under license by Safilo Group, the Armani Exchange 3D glasses (model 3DV 001 AX) are personalized with an "AX 3D" logo printed on the upper left lens with "Armani Exchange 3D" printed on the left temple. The Armani Exchange 3D glasses are intended for movie theatre use only. The glasses are offered with a black protective neoprene soft pouch featuring the "AX 3D" logo. Priced at $58.00, the A|X 3D glasses are now available exclusively in the United States at A|X Armani Exchange stores and on

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