ARM Expects To Conquer 50% Of Mobile PC Market By 2015

As Intel is attempting to gain more of a foothold in the smartphone market, ARM is hoping to advance in the mobile PC market. ARM licenses its chip technology to the likes of NVIDIA, Qualcomm, and a whole slew of other mobile chip manufacturers and thus ARM leads when it comes to smartphones. But the company would like to gobble up more of the mobile PC market pie, which includes netbooks, laptops, and tablets.

ARM already has a lead in the emerging tablet market, but it hopes to gain more traction when it comes to Windows-powered devices as well. It's believed that the next Windows 8 will have special versions to work with ARM processors. It was also rumored that future MacBooks may switch from Intel to ARM. The company's next-generation processor design, the Cortex A15 boasts five times better performance over current smartphone processors while maintaining the same low power consumption.

"Today we have about 10 percent market share [in mobile PCs]. By the end of 2011 we believe we will have about 15 percent of that market share as tablets grow," said ARM president Tudor Brown during a news conference at Computex, according to PC World. "By 2015, we expect that to be over 50 percent of the mobile PC market."

The A15 is currently manufactured using either a 32-nm or 28-nm process and has already been licensed out to several manufacturers that are readying prototypes by late 2011 and commercial chips by early 2012. But considering Intel's recent revelation of a 22-nm 3D tri-gate process also set to launch early 2012, the battle ahead will be quite interesting.

[via VentureBeat]