Intel Ivy Bridge Roadmap Reveals Launch In March 2012

Early last month, Intel announced their jaw-dropping 22-nanometer 3D tri-gate transistor technology that will bring smaller, yet more powerful, and more efficient chips to its next-generation processors. The next-gen processor series, named Ivy Bridge, is set to launch sometime in the first half of 2011. But now a leaked roadmap narrows down the release to a March-April timeframe.

Intel initially said it would be shipping the chips by late 2011. The new timeframe means that computers and notebooks such as Apple's iMacs and MacBooks won't be sporting Ivy Bridge processors until much later. This could mean at least another ten months to even a full year before we'll see Ivy Bridge-powered Macs.

The new Ivy Bridge processor is said to be much like the current-gen Sandy Bridge platform but on steroids. The 22-nanometer 3D tri-gate transistor manufacturing process promises a 37 percent jump in performance and a 50 percent reduction in power consumption.

[via 9to5Mac]