Argon Wine Vault Keeps Your Tipple Tip-Top

Sometimes I like a glass of wine.  Never if I'm driving, of course, nor if I'm operating small children, but on relaxing day when there's a letter from the Latin alphabet in the month it's nice to settle down and open a bottle of something potent.  If I'm on my own, though, it's difficult to know what to do with the rest of the bottle – do I down it like a wino, or attempt to ram the cork back in and save it, knowing all along that it just won't taste as good thanks to evil oxygen and its powers of wine-death.  Thankfully the merry souls at your favourite and mine, Hammacher Schlemmer, have come up with the answer.

Pop one of the specially-designed perforated corks into the half-empty bottle, hook it up to the supply of inert argon gas, and the Wine Vault ensures that there's a vacuum between the wine and the atmosphere by forcing the oxygen out.  With room for up to 14 bottles, a lovely little plexiglass window so you can peer in and watch oxygen not harming anything, and LED lighting, the Vault also has various temperature settings so that you can store either red or white wine perfectly. 

Unfortunately, at $299.95 I wouldn't actually be able to afford both the Vault and the wine, so it looks like I'll just have to finish off the bottle.  Cheers!

The Superior Oxygen Displacing Argon Gas Wine Vault [Hammacher Schlemmer]