Arduino-enabled didgeridoo makes for bizarre music manipulation [Video]

Ah, Arduino – is there anything you can't do?  Didgeridoo enthusiast Kyle Evans decided to take his instrument of choice into the wireless age, by coupling it with a Bluetooth-capable Arduino microprocessor and custom-built externally-mounted sound modules that allow the player to manipulate the sound and control various software instruments (that, again, have been custom created).  The end result looks like it should fire rockets and sounds like nothing on Earth.Video demo after the cut

Kyle's intent was to allow for multiple voices, controlled by the electronically modified didgeridoo, and that could be tweaked in real-time by the player themselves.  You can hear the results in the first video, below.

Of course, once you've wired up your didgeridoo with Bluetooth it seems a shame not to mangle the visuals, too, and so Kyle used a Sandin Image Processor – think Moog for video –  that automatically does strange things to the picture depending on the sound.  Check out the second video for the trippy results.

[via MAKE]