Archos Gen-8 Internet Tablets detailed

Archos had already spilled the beans on their plans to flesh out the Internet Tablet range this coming summer, but the company's recent travels to China have outed a few new tidbits along the way.  Apparently Generation 8 of the Archos Internet Tablet range will consist of six new models, with screen sizes ranging from 3- to 10-inches and prices from $100 to $350.

As we heard before, Archos are looking to the ARM Cortex processor range with clock speeds between 800MHz and 1GHz, together with 3G OpenGL support.  There'll also be multitouch support, something lacking from the current generation of Internet Tablet hardware.

We're presuming that the new range will run Android with Archos' UI modifications – and their AppLibs replacement to the Android Market – in place, though there's no confirmation with it so far.  Hopefully we'll hear more at Computex in June 2010.

[via ArchosLounge]