Archos G9 tablets to ship in September

You might recall last month we spent a bit of hands on time with the new Archos G9 80 and G9 101 tablets. The tablets were prototype devices, not the final consumer versions. The tablets had decent performance even though Chris though the TI OMAP 4 1.5GHz processor was slow compared to the Tegra 2 we commonly see on Android tablets today. At the time, we played with the tablets the launch date was pegged as a vague "this fall."

The launch date is a bit more firm today with the announcement that the tablets will ship in September. That is good news, but the bad news is that apparently the price has been increased a bit from what it was last month when we played with the tablets. Last month we were expecting the G9 80 to land starting at $279. The price is now pegged at $299 to start making the tablet $20 more than we expected.

The larger G9 101 version for the tablet will reportedly start at $369.99. Those prices are both for the base 8GB capacity version. There is no indication on what the 250GB capacity versions of the tablet will sell for. The HDD that will give the tablets such a massive storage capacity is the 7mm thick Momentus Thin HDD.

[via Android Community]