Archos blame "major issue" with Android 1.6 browser for firmware pull

After Archos briefly posted the Android 1.6 firmware update for its Archos 5 Internet Tablet last week, before summarily yanking it hours later, the company have finally given an explanation.  According to a notice posted to their support page, a "last-minute major issue with the web browser" forced them to pull the update down.

"Sorry! We wanted to release our new firmware based on Android 1.6 "Donut" for Christmas. Unfortunately, we found a last-minute major issue with the web browser. For this reason we prefer delaying the release of [sic] a few days, until it is fixed" Archos statement

The new firmware improved video playback at both SD and HD resolutions, including modified handling of H.264 files.  Meanwhile GPS was also made more accurate, with improved heading and velocity reports, and the usual Donut quick search box was added to the homescreen.

As of writing there's still no sign of the Android 1.6 firmware – which was version 1.6.08 – on the Archos support pages.  Hopefully it will arrive as a late Christmas present in early January 2010.

[via Pocketables]