Archos 9 PC Tablet suffers FCC teardown

You can usually rely on the FCC to provide not only pre-announcement shots of upcoming gadgets, but internal images that give modders a good idea of how the final device might be tweaked into something far more useful.  The Archos 9 PC Tablet has already been well fondled in real life – we grabbed one back in September – but thanks to the FCC we now have some teardown shots to counter the glossy exterior images.

As arch-modder jkk from jkkmobile observes, the most obvious upgrade is the hard-drive.  Archos have shot themselves in the foot – or perhaps saved money – by opting for a reasonably slow 1.8-inch HDD; switch that out for a 1.8 inch PATA ZIF SSD and you could light a decent fire under the 1.1GHz Atom CPU.

Otherwise there's little space for squeezing in anything else, though given the Archos 9 measures a slim 17mm that doesn't come as too much of a surprise.  More shots at the FCC.

[via jkkmobile]