Archos 9 dumps Win7 for Google Chromium OS

Windows 7 Starter Edition wouldn't be our first choice of OS for the Archos 9 PC Tablet – after all, it lacks the handwriting functionality you'll find in other versions – but at least it recognizes the touchscreen.  Steve from UMPC Portal decided to load up Chromium OS on his Archos 9 (which we saw unboxed yesterday) but the end result is less than usable: since Chromium doesn't recognize the touchscreen, nor have an on-screen keyboard, you'll basically be stuck looking at the login page.

Of course, since you can plug in a USB keyboard and use the optical mouse, there are workaround ways to actually reach the Chromium OS desktop.  That doesn't add up to a particularly mobile solution, however; consider this a call to arms for Chromium OS developers to whip up some tablet-friendly features.