Archos 80 G9 Hands-On And Unboxing [Video]

It's time to look at another Android tablet here on SlashGear, this one coming correct with the first dual-core processor to exist on an Android tablet that's not a Tegra 2. This is the ARCHOS 80 G9 tablet, one of two, the larger being the 101, both of them holding basically the same set of specs inside. Will the kickstand on this lovely little mid-sized tablet make it stand up against the competition, or will it down in a sea of tablet-like devices? We shall see!

What's inside of this and the 101 G9 tablet, you might ask? Why, it's not the NVIDIA Tegra 2, as you might expect, no, it's the Texas Instruments OMAP4 dual-core processor running at 1GHz, and it's pumped up! Take a look at our first brief benchmark as run with CF-Bench below and you'll see that the only more powerful device in the system is the Galaxy S II, a device we've also got storming our door today via AT&T. This tablet has no carrier thus far here in the USA, instead working with Wi-fi only at the moment with an empty shell filling the USB slot on the back of the device.

We've got a video here filmed by Vince earlier today showing the director of marketing for ARCHOS with the G9 80 giving you a full rundown of what it means to work with one on a daily basis.

[vms 7225a6f6c7d802dc6abb]

The benchmark, CF-Bench, that we've run here shows not only some Java-based marks and your total score in relation to some regular opponents, but the kind of processor this device has as well, product numbers and all. Have a look in the gallery below (images popping up larger so you can see the detail) to witness the glory:

Our first impressions of this tablet are that it's thin, it seems to be relatively well constructed, and it's really ready to hit the mid-range tablet market. It's got a pretty darn powerful processor sitting inside its guts, and the multitude of ports along the left side of the unit are going to be a great selling point. Have a look at the videos above and below and let us know if you've got any questions we can answer or tests we can run for the full review, coming up soon!

BONUS here we've got yours truly unboxing and running through some apps and the general layout all the way back here in sunny Minnesota:

[vms 2632813f9e35f4ba53d6]