Archos 5 160GB Android Tablet sales frozen by Amazon

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After beginning to ship out on Friday, Amazon have frozen deliveries of the Archos 5 160GB Android Internet Tablet.  According to the product listing, the touchscreen device is "under review", which Amazon explain could mean anything from shipping errors (wrong device, missing accessories, etc), incorrect item descriptions or, more worryingly, "something wrong with our inventory of the item", i.e. a problem with the Tablet itself.

What's unclear, then, is exactly what the issue with the tablet might be.  Reviews on Amazon range from positive through to dire, with common complaints being an apparent absence of support for H.264 video.  That's a listed feature on Amazon's product page, but some reviewers are claiming that they've been asked to pay $39.99 for a codec plugin for that file type.

Other talk is of more serious issues, such as bugs and freezing in the Android device, or absent applications otherwise mentioned in the product description.  According to Charbax, it's possible that a firmware build used for early production models might have missed some of those applications, though he claims they're available to download (from the Archos 5 Android Internet Tablet itself) here.

[via Pocketables]