Archos 10 netbooks to go on sale at Blockbuster stores

Chris Davies - Jul 17, 2009
Archos 10 netbooks to go on sale at Blockbuster stores

The Archos 10 netbook will go on sale at 1,000 Blockbuster stores around the US, as an attempt to promote the rental company’s on-the-go media offerings.  Each of the netbooks – which have a 10-inch display, Intel Atom N270 processor and 1GB of RAM – will have “an embedded link” to Blockbuster’s site.

The exact nature of that “embedded link” is unclear, but it seems it could be as basic as a shortcut to the Blockbuster download service.  That would have to be used with either a wired ethernet or WiFi b/g connection, as the Archos 10 lacks integrated 3G.

It’s hard to see this as anything other than a marketing stunt; we’d be far more impressed if Blockbuster had picked up one of Archos’ 3G-enabled PMPs and delivered mobile video rental content over a cellular network.  A similar media system was offered using Archos hardware in France, with carrier SFR.  Still, if you’re looking for a basic, run-of-the-mill netbook and you’re near a participating Blockbuster, it will cost you $299.99.

[via UMPC Portal]

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