Archive Eye life-logger cam includes stealth bag

Brittany A. Roston - Jun 5, 2014
Archive Eye life-logger cam includes stealth bag

Life-logging cameras have become a fairly established photography niche, giving busy individuals the ability to snap pictures throughout their day, keeping the most notable ones for trips down nostalgia lane later on in life. Not everyone likes having a conspicuous camera strapped to their body, however, and that’s where the Archive Eye comes in.

Because of the nature of a clip-on camera that snaps pictures every minute or so, those wearing one might not want to broadcast it to the general public (read about our Chris Davies’ experience with wearing the Narrative). The Archive Eye includes a stealth bag for this reason.

The bag — which is decidedly feminine in design — features a small heart and a large eye, the center of which is where the camera’s lens is positioned. The bag was designed by fashion designer Lulu Guinness; it isn’t clear whether a design targeted towards men will also be offered.

The camera itself features a wide 136-degree FOV, and includes five sensors for things like tracking movements and geo-tagging the images so one can see where they were taken. Bluetooth allows for use with a smartphone.

For the camera and tote, expect to shell out about $660 USD.

VIA: Digital Trends

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