Aptina shows off new camera phone CMOS sensor at MWC

Aptina has been making sensors for cameras and camera phones for a long time. The last new product I talked about from the company was the 14MP MT9F001 sensor that was aimed at digital cameras back in November of 2009. The company is showing off its latest CMOS sensor at MWC in Spain that is aimed at use in camera phones.

The new sensor is called the MT9F011 and is a 14MP, 1.4-micron camera image sensor. The device is designed for improved video performance in an easy to use and cost effective product. The sensor has high sensitivity for faster frame rates and reduced noise for smoother video in low-light situations. It allows camera phones to record in 1080p resolution at 60fps.

Pre-processing options of the sensor will let OEMs and module integrators offer new features and performance in high-end phones. The features of the chip include a four-lane MIPI data interface that is configurable as a single lane or dual lane offer as well. The sensor also supports Bayer resample, 1/2.3" optical format, and a 25-degree chief ray angle to minimize the height of the module. Samples of the MT9F011 are available now with mass production set for Q2 2010.