APSI C100 PND with removable touchscreen PMP

Here's another of those ideas where you wonder exactly why we haven't been doing this already.  APSI's latest in-car navigation system, the C100, consists of a GPS cradle complete with A/V connectivity and a slide-out touchscreen PMP.  That way you have the easy wiring of a permanent solution together with the convenience of a removable media player.

It also means you have physical controls for in-car use, which are often easier to use than on-screen buttons that demand you actually look at the PND.  Since this is a Korean product they've piped it full of their navigation cleverness, which means full 3D mapping not only of roads but landmarks, along with a DMB TV tuner, audio and video playback, and all the connectivity you'd need to hook up your car speakers.

There's also support for an external GPS receiver, an A/V input for a reversing camera, and the cradle recharges the PMP section while it's docked.  No word on pricing when the APSI C100 lands in Korea, but we can't expect it'll be cheap.

[via NaviGadget]