AppNinjas iPhone credit card Swipe terminal lets Girl Scouts take credit cards for cookies

You can't go anywhere in my town right now without seeing a table set up somewhere with the Girl Scouts selling those cookies that we all love. Thin Mints FTW! The catch for me is that I rarely have cash on me and I don't write checks so if you can't swipe my debit card I don't buy.AppNinjas has a cool credit card processing system for the iPhone that we talked about last year when it debuted. AppNinjas and the Girl Scouts of Ohio have teamed up to allow you to charge you yummies using your credit card or debit card using the iPhone charge system.

According to AppNinjas, the booths in various locations around Ohio sold $1500 worth of cookies using its charge system the first weekend. The Girl Scouts also note that letting the girls use this iPhone tech to sell cookies teaches them technology skills for the future too. AppNinjas assisted the Girl Scouts with software and hardware along with offering discounted processing rates.