Apple's wearable could arrive next month

The "iWatch". The Apple wearable. Whatever you call it, the fabled device has been the source of near endless rumor, and there's no signs of that slowing down. Latest added to the speculation pot is a quip by John Gruber on his website, where he may have tipped when the device will launch.

A Moto 360 article prompted Gruber, well-known Apple blogger, to make a wisecrack about Motorola's smartwatch design, and to follow that up with a suggestive statement that could be a hint about when the wearable will become official.

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Over on Daring Fireball, Gruber said, "It looks like Motorola's designers tried to draw as much attention as they could to the 360's stupid flat-tire display shape. The only way this could get funnier would be if it doesn't even ship until after Apple announces their wrist wearable thing next month."

As we reported earlier this week, rumor has it Apple is planning an event for September 9, during which it is expected the company will take the wraps off the iPhone 6 and anything else that might be up (or under) its sleeves. It's worth noting that Gruber avoided using the term "iWatch" — could Apple be planning a different sort of wearable rather than the expected smartwatch? Drop us a comment!

SOURCE: Daring Fireball