Apple's (Rumored) 11.6" MacBook Air Creates More Buzz

Apple's MacBook Air seems to be disappearing right before retailers' (and consumers') eyes, thanks to on-going rumors of a new 11.6-inch MacBook Air. Both current configurations of the MacBook Air (the low-end 1.83 GHz and the high-end 2.13 GHz) appear to be out-of-stock everywhere. This "disapperance" has not popped up over night. Online retailers have been subtly hinting to buyers that inventory of the MacBook Air is running low, and that the time to buy is now!

Adding more fuel to the fire of a new 11.6-inch replacement model, is the fact that big name retailers like Best Buy and are reporting that Apple is withholding the supply of additional notebooks until October 12, at the very earliest. Normally when delays like this happen, it's a pretty good indication that Mac is preparing for a complete product line makeover. Early to mid-October is normally the time of year Apple emerges with hardware updates, like last year's redesign of the iMac and the unibody MacBook. Even though the products' redesigns were introduced informally, Apple still alerted media of the changes.

This is not the beginning of the MacBook Air design extinction rumors, nor will it be the end. Rumors of a new 11.6-inch model started popping up in July, claiming that it would be a thinner and more sleek version Apple's notebook, powered by an Intel Core i-series ultra-low voltage processor. Unconfirmed reports have claimed that it could weigh as little as 2.7 pounds, due to the new unibody MacBook style.

Whether the new 11.6-inch MacBook Air rumors are true or not, Apple is due for an update to the notebook. Sources claim that if there is a new model to be found, it will most likely be introduced in January alongside a much needed (and new) release of the iLife '11 suite.

[via Apple Insider]