11.6" MacBook Air refresh tipped for September, plus clickwheel-free iPod nano

Apple's now venerable MacBook Air currently languishes as the notebook most in need of an update, and so it comes as little surprise to hear that just such a refresh may be imminent.  According to BMO analyst Keith Bachman, Apple's supply chain is ramping up for what he believes to be a September launch; interestingly, he also expects the new MacBook Air to start off significantly cheaper than the current model's $1,499 base price.

Bachman has no hard specifications for the two SKUs he expects, but previous rumors had suggested that Apple would reduce the Air's screen size from 13.3-inches to 11.6-inches, and switch to using Intel's latest ultra-low-voltage Core iX processors.  The new model would be positioned more as a mainstream notebook rather than as a premium ultraportable.

Meanwhile, Bachman also has a few things to say about Apple's iPod plans, suggesting that along with the fourth-generation iPod touch in September there will be a new iPod nano that ditches the current model's click-wheel.  While that might suggest a switch to a touchscreen display, like the iPod touch, the analyst doesn't say.  However, there's also the potential for the iPod nano to effectively replace the iPod shuffle, with the smallest PMP model in Apple's range perhaps being abandoned.

[via Electronista]