Apple's Phil Schiller tells Android users to "be safe out there"

Android is no stranger to malware. We've seen several instances of fake apps making their way into the Google Play store that are infested with malicious code, and while it just takes common sense to weed out the fake apps, some users can be unlucky enough to miss a couple and end up installing malware on their Android devices. Apple's senior vice president of worldwide marketing, Phil Schiller, wants to remind you all to "be safe out there."

Schiller tweeted earlier today a link to a "Mobile Threat Report" from research and security company F-Secure, most of which highlights various security and malware vulnerabilities in Android. Along with the link, Schiller captioned it with a "be safe out there," quietly giving a slight jab to Google's mobile platform.

The report mentions several interesting facets about Android, including the statistic that Android accounted for 79% of just over 300 mobile threats in 2012, while just 0.7% of these threats dealt with iOS. Overall, the report states that iOS is one of the most secure mobile platforms out there, with BlackBerry also topping the list.

Of course, Apple is usually quiet when it comes to discussing their competitors, and they usually keep their fighting words to themselves, but we suppose that Apple execs have an open court when it comes to chatting on Twitter, and Schiller definitely wasn't holding anything back with his tweet, no matter how subtle he was trying to be.