Developer releases dozens of fake apps in Google Play store, user beware

Malware in the Google Play store is nothing new, and Google does their best to sift out most of the crap that makes its way in, but sometimes some of it sneaks through. A Google Play developer account by the name of "apkdeveloper" has released a ton of fake apps and games that are essentially rip-offs of other popular apps.

Some of the more popular titles that the developer rips off are Imangi's Temple Run game and Glu Mobile's Contract Killer Zombies. It appears the faux developer has put "Super" at the end of each app name, which should throw a red flag up right away as far as if it's a legitimate app or not. Plus, all of the icons for all the apps are the same, rather than unique icons for each individual app or game.

Since many people won't even dare to install these fake and malware-infested applications, we're not quite sure what the malicious code might be capable of exactly, but several reports suggest that it delivers unwanted ads to several parts of your device. While doesn't seem like a huge deal, it's still annoying, and you never know what could be going on behind the scenes.

As always, be careful when downloading apps and make sure you're not downloading a fake app that's filled with malware. Usually, though, it's all about common sense — check the name of the developer, check the reviews, check the descriptions and make sure you're always downloading from legitimate sources. And if you come across a fake app, report it to Google.