Apple's next big thing? Certainly not Starck's 'revolutionary' project

Today our dreams for a Philippe Starck-designed Apple product have been quickly dashed by none other than Apple themselves in a simple statement. Speaking with John Paczkowski of All Things D, an Apple spokeswoman said simply that they are not working with Starck on a project at all. On the other hand, it has been revealed (or remembered, rather) that Steve Jobs was indeed working with Starck before he died on a project that very well could have been what Starck was referring to, in a sense.

The project Jobs and Starck were working on at one point, as revealed by Alex Heath from Cult of Mac, was a yacht. This yacht was meant to have many Apple-store-like qualities, including being "sleek and minimalist, with 40-foot-long glass walls." Watch out for elderly ladies, they might smack right into it!

Starck also mentioned this week that he was still visiting Jobs' widow to continue designing the project he spoke of from time to time. It's not out of the question that this could mean he's still making the Jobs' family yacht a reality, this project not actually affiliated with Apple in the end. Perhaps only a problem with the translations that occurred today between news reports and the original radio interview that happened in France.

That said, can't wait to see a yacht with some fabulous glass exteriors on it! Wouldn't want to miss a massive creature created in part by Jobs and Starck in any way! Image above via Yanko Design.