Apple’s future iPhone may feature long range wireless charging

Adam Westlake - Jan 29, 2016
Apple’s future iPhone may feature long range wireless charging

Wireless charging seems poised to become the next big feature trend among mobile devices, with several existing smartphones already supporting different standards. But it seems that Apple is now preparing to add the technology to the iPhones and iPads we’ll be seeing down the road, as a report from Bloomberg says the company is developing a solution that will allow not only wireless, contactless charging, but from a distance as well.

Current devices that boast of wireless charging features still need to be in physical contact with a mat or some other surface in order draw power, including the Apple Watch, which has a small charging pad attach to the back. According to Bloomberg, however, Apple wants to allow iPhones and iPads to be charged from a distance, ditching the requirement of physical contact.

Bloomberg‘s sources indicated that Apple is currently working with suppliers in Asia on the tech, with a possible debut sometime in 2017. So don’t expect wireless charging to be a big new feature on this year’s “iPhone 7.”

However, it could still be several years before we see Apple’s wireless charging solution, as the report even mentions that the company is merely exploring its options at this point and is facing several technological barriers.

The main concern is the problem of loss of power over a distance, in other words how long it would take to charge the battery, plus there’s the issue of the tech adding bulk to the devices themselves.

As we’ve seen from the recent rumors about this year’s iPhone eliminating the 3.5mm headphone jack, Apple has a focus on keeping the smartphone slim.

SOURCE Bloomberg

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