Apple’s car project leader tipped in plan to leave company

Brittany A. Roston - Jan 22, 2016
Apple’s car project leader tipped in plan to leave company

Apple has long been rumored to be working on a “Project Titan” electric car — though the company hasn’t made it official, mostly everyone including Elon Musk believes it’s happening. The project is said to be led by Steve Zadesky who, according to a new report, is planning to leave the company. Zadesky has been with Apple for 16 years; when he will be leaving isn’t known.

The information comes from the Wall Street Journal, which reports it received word from “people familiar with the matter.” According to those sources, Zadesky has announced after two years of leading the car project that he is leaving Apple. He’s still said to be with the company right now, but when he is leaving isn’t known.

One source claims Zadesky is leaving for personal reasons, and that his performance in his role with the company has nothing to do with it. Apple hasn’t commented on the rumors departure, nor has Zadesky.

Before working on the rumored car project, Zadesky worked with both the iPhone and the iPod. The sources also went on to say there are some troubles behind Apple’s closed doors, with the company reportedly pushing its automotive workers to reach deadlines they don’t feel are attainable, as well as reportedly failing to give clear goals for Project Titan.

SOURCE: The Wall Street Journal

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