Apple's big 2022 AR headset plans may have derailed

Only a few days have passed since we last talked about the Apple augmented reality/mixed reality (AR/MR) headset, and we already have more to report. Unfortunately, this time, the news isn't great. According to Bloomberg, Apple's rumored AR headset may be delayed and we may not see it hitting the shelves until as late as 2023.

The AR/MR headset has been in the works for quite some time. As per MacRumors, the initial plan was for the device to be announced in 2021 and then launched in 2022. This is corroborated by recent rumors. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo mentioned in a note for investors that the headset will launch in a limited capacity in 2022, and then start shipping more units yearly. Just a few days later, a new report suggests it's possible that these plans will not come to fruition.

As reported earlier this week, the Apple AR/MR headset could possibly be the most powerful headset of this type on the current market. Ming-Chi Kuo stated that the device will potentially feature not just one, but two processors, including a 4nm and a 5nm chip. Kuo went as far as to say that the AR device may have the same computing power as Apple's 2021 MacBook Pro. Unfortunately, according to the new Bloomberg report, it seems that the headset's power may also be its downfall.

Is the Apple AR/MR headset too powerful for its own good?

Bloomberg cites a number of development issues as the reason why the headset might be delayed. If proven true, it could be that these problems arise chiefly due to how powerful the headset is supposed to be. The headset is allegedly struggling with overheating issues, which is not surprising if you consider that it's sporting two powerful processor chips.

If the Apple AR/MR headset will be equipped with Apple's latest-and-greatest M1 Pro chip, it will require proper thermals in order to remain stable. It seems that Apple may have run into problems with stabilizing the temperatures of the device. There are also undetermined issues with the camera and the software used by the Apple headset.

Although the issues may take a while to fix, Apple is looking ahead and pushing for a release as soon as possible. According to MacRumors, Apple is asking its vendors to have the new headsets available before the end of 2022, with LG Innotek preparing camera production as early as the second quarter of this year.

The company may also be planning to release a whole ecosystem of apps that support the AR/MR headset. Apple already lists a few fun ways to experience augmented reality via the most recent generations of iPhone and iPad. MacRumors believes that there may be more apps in the works, built specifically for the Apple AR/MR headset—whenever it does finally hit the stores.