Apple's Back To School Sale Starts Tomorrow

It's that summer sales season right now that gives students two months to pick up all the goodies they need to kick off the next school year. Rumors for Apple's back-to-school deal have been floating around since before WWDC 2011, and now new evidence seems to confirm that the promotion will kick off tomorrow.

MacRumors was able to get a photo of Apple's marketing material for the promotion indicating that the sale would start June 16 and run through September 20. Also, instead of the rumored $200 off an iPad with the purchase of a Mac, the offer is for a $100 Mac App Store gift card that can also be used for purchases from the iTunes Store. In previous years, a free iPod was offered instead.

This new offer makes a lot of sense considering all the updates coming with Mac OS X Lion, iOS 5, and the iCloud. The Mac App Store will be built-in to Lion, and the iCloud will make it super easy to sync apps and music purchased through iTunes.

[via MacRumors]