Apple May Announce Back-To-School Deal At WWDC, Including $200 Off iPads

So the whole secret operation to celebrate Apple's 10th anniversary is over now, and whatever pertinent rumors there were about a revolutionary new Apple Store 2.0 have now been confirmed or debunked. But, that still leaves out the rumor of an upcoming back-to-school sale. Sources now claim that the promotion will be unveiled at next month's WWDC.

Although it seems odd that a back-to-school sale would start now since school will have just gotten out, but Apple along with other companies have long been rolling out back-to-school sales beginning right at the start of summer. This way kids have all summer to coax their parents to pick up Apple gear in time for the next school year. And this time, we might get a nice deal on the iPad 2.

According to insider sources from BGR, Apple's deal this year will most likely be the offer of a free iPod touch with the purchase of a Mac, or the option to apply $229 towards the purchase of any other iPod. Additionally, there's a possibility that Apple may include the option for a $200 discount on the iPad 2 with the purchase of a Mac. Now, we just hope they'll have enough of those second-generation iPads in stock, considering recent supply troubles.

[via BGR]