Apple WWDC09 sold out

Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference for 2009, due to kick off on June 8th, has sold out.  The event, officially announced last month, is an opportunity for iPhone and Mac OS X developers to code alongside Apple's own IT team, as well as attend numerous sessions in which Apple engineers explain the intricacies of their platform.

The event is also expected to coincide with Apple releasing the iPhone and iPod touch firmware 3.0, which will bring several new features to the devices.  While many column inches have been given over to iPhone OS 3.0's cut & paste abilities, of more interest to developers are the new APIs such as push notification, that will allow them to create applications more in line with Apple's own.

There also might be the chance of an announcement for the release date of OS X 10.6 "Snow Leopard", which has seen multiple new seeds to developers in recent months.  Videos from the WWDC will be available – to purchase, mind – after the event, for any developer who was unable to attend.