Apple wins major patent for iTravel application

Just as Apple is probably figuring out how to respond to a recent patent-infringement lawsuit, the company was awarded a number of patents from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office today. One in particular stands out from the rest, and that's Apple's newly granted iTravel patent application, which allows users to make reservations, check in to flights and share identification details.

With the new Passbook app for iOS 6 announced last month and now this newly granted patent for the iTravel NFC-enabled app, it looks like Apple is definitely hard at work making its way into the travel business. According to the filing, the iTravel app should work on Macs, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, allowing users to make trip reservations and share them with others. Users should also be able to take care of luggage check ins with the app as well.

It's possible that the Apple iTravel concept could be released later this year for iOS devices, although Apple has not made any announcement regarding the iTravel concept as of yet. Apple files for patents regularly, and it's often the case that the products laid out in granted patents never get released. We'll all just have to wait and see if Apple decides on actually launching it.

[via Apple Insider]