Apple faces lawsuit over noise-canceling technology

Apple has just been hit with yet another patent-infringement lawsuit, this time by Noise Free Wireless, accusing Apple of violating its noise-canceling technology patents. Noise Free claimed that it had at one point revealed its noise-canceling technology to Apple in a series of meetings years ago, alleging that Apple went ahead and used the technology without permission.

Apple filed an application in 2010 for a "user-specific noise suppression for voice quality improvements" patent before the company decided to partner up with Audience over Noise Free for the supply of noise-canceling technology. "On further information and belief, Apple provided Audience with Noise Free's confidential trade secret information to assist Audience in delivering a noise cancellation solution that was similar and/or identical to the solution that Noise Free designed," Noise Free alleged in the suit.

In addition to patent infringement, Noise Free is suing Apple for trade secret theft and breach of contract, seeking "exemplary or punitive damages" for the misappropriation of its trade secrets. Noise Free has also requested the court to grant the company any of Apple's patents that may come from Apple's own patent application for noise-canceling technology. At this point, Apple has not yet commented on the lawsuit.

[via Apple Insider]