Apple will provide iPads to NHL coaches

In the world of tech, one on-going pattern we see is tablet makers eager to get their devices into the hands of sports coaches, in turn making them visible from the sidelines. This strategy is now making its to the sport of hockey, where Apple has signed a deal with the NHL to supply both coaches and referees with iPads.

Similar to Microsoft supplying the NFL with its Surface devices, and iPads also going to the MLB, the deal with the NHL will see coaches and referees using the tablets to study game footage and review details during officiating decisions. To start, the arenas of the 16 playoff teams will be getting three iPad Pros per bench, with Macs also supplied for video challenges. Starting next season, each team will be provided with tablets.

In addition to iPads, this season also saw the use of video monitors on the sidelines, allowing coaches to better review footage during calls from a referee. Coaches also note that the tablets have enabled them to quickly adjust their team's strategy throughout a game.

While there is a little concern that introducing so much tech to the sport may slowdown gameplay, the NHL's David Lehanski, senior VP of business development, notes the deal is "equal parts of us believing this truly will help the coaches and the officials and we're going to make decisions faster and more accurately," adding that speed and accuracy are essential during the playoffs.

SOURCE Associated Press