Apple website again hints at OS X name change to 'macOS'

Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is only a few days away, but it's looking more and more like one of the announcements we can expect at the keynote is a rebranding of the Mac's OS X to simply "macOS." Following similar discoveries earlier this year, a page on the company's developer replaced "OS X" with "macOS" (specifically with a lower-case M) alongside Apple's other operating systems like iOS, tvOS, and watch OS.

It seems this use of macOS was made in mistake, as the page was altered to read OS X shortly after discovery. The site in question was a FAQ page for developers with information on the recent announcement of App Store revenue sharing.

The first hints of this rebranding came in March, when a hidden file in the latest update to OS X made references to macOS. Then in April another gaffe on Apple's part saw their environmental site mention "MacOS devices" (that time with a capital M).

Rebranding OS X to macOS would make perfect sense, as it would the desktop OS in line with Apple's current naming conventions. While nothing is official until Apple makes an announcement, a hidden OS file and two mistakes in such a short period give a pretty solid indication of what we'll hear next week.

SOURCE MacRumors