Apple: "We constantly refresh the content on"

You might have seen speculation earlier today over Apple's removal of its antenna testing videos from the  company's attenuation page, including rumors of legal action from rivals or even backtracking on their stance over the iPhone 4.  Apple reached out to us this afternoon to dismiss the hearsay, telling us that the update is merely part of their drive to "constantly refresh" their content.

"We constantly refresh the content on If you'd like access to the videos, you can find them archived on" Natalie Harrison, Apple spokesperson

Apple's antenna page had documented their testing of rival smartphones such as the BlackBerry Bold 9700, HTC Droid Eris, Nokia N97 mini, Motorola DROID X and Samsung Omnia II, and the ways by which holding them could attenuate their antenna performance. The site went live following Apple's press event last month, at which they announced the iPhone 4 case program.

According to Apple's spokesperson, there's no impending legal action, no change in stance on the iPhone 4's antenna performance, and no hidden message in the site update. Certainly, you can still view the test videos at YouTube – the DROID X footage is here, for instance, while the N97 mini is here.