Apple Watch torture tests include liquid nitrogen, .50 cal bullet

There are certain things to be expected when a new notable product is launched — there will be fanfare and critics and coveting and all sorts of things, and at some point once the product rolls out there will be destruction. Lots and lots of destruction. The Apple Watch is no exception, of course — we've seen products get cooked and blended and shot and dropped and smashed and just about every other "torture test" you can think of, and now it's the Apple Watch's turn.

The torture tests were performed by FullMag, which has uploaded a bunch of them to YouTube. The first below is perhaps the most enjoyable, at least for those who enjoy seeing objects get smashed into a billion tiny projectiles. More than one Apple Watch meets its death before all is said and done, however.

If giant hammers and frozen gadgets aren't too your liking, there's also the .50 caliber bullet torture test, which is exactly what it sounds like: shooting the Apple Watch with a .50 caliber bullet, which pretty well destroys it on the first shot. Not only does it destroy the watch, but there's a satisfying explosion to go along with it.

Finally, for the pyromaniacs out there there's the "Apple Watch vs. Hydrogen explosion" video, which has a pleasant amount of fire and the expected level of annihilation. After you're finished watching, be sure to check out the timeline below to see the latest Apple Watch news!

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SOURCE: Boy Genius Report