Apple Watch of a different breed: Macintosh II software running on Android Wear

Did you read our in-depth Apple Watch review and decide it's not for you, but still want to show your loyalty to the Macintosh on your wrist? Well, after the custom built 1970s-themed Apple II Watch, next on the list of options is a wearable running the System 6 operating system from the 1987 Macintosh II. As long as the fact that it's running on an Android Wear device don't bother you, you can experience System 6 and its desktop, windows, and menu bar in their full glory on a 1.6-inch screen!

This creative hack comes from YouTube user Corbin Davenport, who already has plenty of experience bringing aging operating systems to the wearables of today. Last fall, the 16-year-old developer managed to run Windows 95 on a Samsung Gear Live smartwatch, in addition to the original Doom as well as Minecraft. This time around, he's bought the Macintosh II software to the same Android Wear device thanks to emulator app Mini VMac II.

Davenport's video reveals a faithful port of System 6, complete with boot-up screens and menus. As you would expect, it turns out to be incredibly difficult to not only use a desktop OS without a mouse, but on such a tiny touchscreen. Good luck trying to tap the specific icon to open a folder or launch an application.

Nonetheless, the emulation is impressive to see and you can't help but laugh at the software of a near-30-year-old desktop computer running on a wrist computer of today. Now we'll just have to see if the OS X Yosemite of today will still work on our cornea implant devices of the 2040s.

SOURCE Corbin Davenport/YouTube