Apple Watch launch, sales policy, AMOLED screen details

Apple Stores are getting a makeover to make way for the Apple Watch launch, which has the capacity to make or break the entire smartwatch product genre. As we edge closer to the launch date, we're learning more and more about Apple's process from manufacturing to the sales floor. Apple Stores are rolling out new display cases and tables where customers can try on the watch, by appointment only. Also, to prevent people from hogging Apple Watches during try-on appointments, time slots are limited to 15 minutes. Apple is really trying to keep things running smoothly for the launch, which is in great contrast to the Apple launches in the past where customers camped out overnight for the latest devices.

At the storefront, don't expect to be able to prance in the door and walk out with an Apple Watch. On its launch date, April 24th, Apple Stores won't be selling the smartwatch to walk-in customers. Customers can make an appointment to try it on, but it doesn't guarantee its availability to purchase. Only customers who pre-order Apple Watch through Apple's "Product Reservation" and "Personal Pickup" services will be able to walk away with a watch.

AMOLED is the next big thing for Apple, starting with its Apple Watch screen. Traditional iPhones and iPads use LCD screens, but the Apple Watch will feature an AMOLED screen. AMOLED doesn't use a backlight, so the actual screen lights up. This technology paved the way for the minute Apple Watch screen by reducing space between all of the different layers sandwiched in the watch frame.

Apple Watch also uses black whenever necessary, which extends the battery life with darker pixels. The AMOLED screen isn't designed to last forever, though. The technology has a lifespan of about 10,000 hours, according to its developer, Craig Hockenberry.

Source: 9 to 5 Mac, Mac Rumors, UK Business Insider